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Marble Hill homestead

The East Torrens Historical Society is based at Norton Summit, in the Adelaide Hills, part of the Mt. Lofty Ranges, east of the city of Adelaide, in South Australia.

Established in 1982 the Society has approximately 30-40 members who regularly attend bi-monthly meetings and a mailing list of 105 persons and groups who receive the bi-monthly Newsletter published by the society.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions, there will be no meetings until further notice.

The Objectives of the Society are:-

  1. To arouse interest in and to promote the study and discussion of Australian   and South Australian history and, in particular, the history of the former District Council of East Torrens.

  2. To promote the collection, recording, preservation and classification of works, source material and artefacts  of all kinds relating to the former East Torrens district council area.

  3. To assist in the protection and preservation of buildings, works and sites of historical significance in the former District Council East Torrens. To co-operate with similar Societies and other bodies throughout Australia.

  4. To do all such other things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them.

Office Bearers for 2019-2020 are:-
President:- Jon Richards
Vice- President - Dr. Geoffrey Bishop
Secretary:- Lesley Richards
Treasurer:- Ray Blackwell
Auditor:- Jenny Botroff of BHC Partners Pty Ltd

Committee Members:- Mary Fletcher, Ron Blackwell, Pam Green,
Ray and Joyce Kerwood, Russell and Kay Abbott.

Newsletter Committee:- Dr Geoffrey Bishop, Lesley Richards and Joyce Kerwood.